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Colorado Travel Guide

Colorado — Travel Tips

  • Rent a car at the airport. You will want to have your own wheels to explore vast Colorado
  • When traveling in winter be sure to keep an eye on the weather because major snowstorms can roll in overnight and avalanches are a serious threat
  • Make hotel bookings well in advance if visiting a ski town during peak season or during a hot summer festival
  • Look for special holiday packages at major ski resorts that include lodging, lift tickets and other deals for significant savings
  • Be aware of altitude sickness when moving quickly from lower elevations up to ski areas and consider arriving 2-3 days early to acclimate
  • Remember that the Colorado alpine sun is extremely strong, even in winter, so wear plenty of sunscreen when outdoors

Contact Numbers

Police: 911
Emergency: 911
Denver Health Hospital: +1-303-436-6000
Canadian Consulate General: +1-303-626-0640
Australian Honorary Consulate General: +1-303-321-2234
British Consulate General: +1-303-592-5200
Denver Yellow Cab: +1-303-777-7777