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Nunavut Travel Guide

Nunavut — Travel Tips

  • Nunavut natives prefer to be called Inuit rather than Eskimos, as the latter is considered a racist term in Canada
  • Warm clothing is strongly recommended even in the middle of Nunavut’s brief summers, when temperatures can still be cooler than average
  • Airplane prices will eat up a large portion of your travel budget in this region as distances are vast and flying is usually the only available means of transportation
  • Food and other necessities are far more expensive in Nunavut than in southern Canada because the goods must be imported long distances by airplane

Contact Numbers

Police: Local three digit area code, followed by 1111
Emergency: Local three digit area code, followed by 1111
Qikiqtani General Hospital: +1-867-975-8600
Denmark Consulate: +1-867-979-4616
Nunavut Caribou Tuktu Cabs: +1-867-979-4444