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South Korea Travel Guide

South Korea — Travel Tips

  • If traveling during peak spring season, make sure to book transportation and accommodation well in advance
  • If you’re heading out of the major cities, learn a few standard Korean phrases to help you get around
  • Dress conservatively and avoid wearing shorts when visiting temples and shrines to show respect
  • Upon sightseeing at the DMZ, do not wave or try to attract the attention of the North Korean border guards
  • Use common sense when walking around major Korean cities to avoid becoming a victim of crime

Contact Numbers

Police: 112
Emergency: 119 (fire) or 1339 (medical)
Seoul National University Hospital: +82-2-2072-2890
Australian Embassy (Seoul): +82-2-2003-0100
Australian Consulate (Busan): +82-51-647-1762
Canadian Embassy (Seoul): +82-2-3783-6000
Canadian Consulate (Busan): +82-51-204-5581
US Embassy (Seoul): +82-2-397-4114
British Embassy (Seoul): +82-2-3210-5500
Kind-call Taxi: +82—1588-3382

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