Most foreign nationals, including citizens from larger Western countries like the United States of America, require visas to get into China. It is relatively easy to obtain a tourist visa into the country as they can be picked up from any Chinese consulate or embassy. Travel visas for a 30-day period are valid for three months from the day of entry, but extensions can be applied for; however, it usually takes up to five days to process. All Chinese visa information can be obtained at

Health and Safety

In the southern parts of China, cities can get extremely hot and humid, so travelers need to remember to stay hydrated at all times and protect themselves from the sun wherever possible. With the sticky climate spawns various diseases like dengue fever and malaria. It is best to bring anti-malaria medication when traveling in the southern reaches of the country.

Tourists will certainly feel safer in China than most Western countries. Despite the rarity of violent crimes, petty misdemeanors like theft and robbery are not uncommon in China’s larger cities. However, if visitors walk in small groups and stays vigilant after dark then there shouldn’t be too many issues.

Tourists need to remember that they are visiting a highly controlled country. The government imposes strict regulations on items in China including pornography, some books, and any ‘anti-China’ related products. Expect to have any illicit items confiscated at the airport, as customs are usually quite thorough.

In many cities around the country, the restrooms may not be entirely hygienic. Don’t be shocked when first visiting a public bathroom. Sometimes toilet paper is not provided, and sinks or places to wash your hands are virtually non-existent so always carry anti-bacterial gel with you.