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Austria Travel Guide

Austria — Travel Tips

  • When hiking or mountain climbing, always take a map and be prepared for sudden weather changes
  • Booking accommodation ahead during the peak winter season is a must
  • Know your physical limits, especially if mountaineering, and do not shy away from hiring a guide or joining a tour
  • If backcountry skiing or on unmarked trails, learn what to do in case of an avalanche ― it could save your life. Take a beacon or buy a ski jacket that has a beacon sewn in for emergencies
  • Whenever you head out in nature, check the weather forecast. Mountain weather can change from clear skies to stormy conditions in a manner of minutes
  • Visitors should carry their passport or a copy of the passport as proof of identification at all times

Contact Numbers

Police: 133
Emergency: 112
Ambulance: 144
AKH Vienna General Hospital: +43-1-404-000
Australian Embassy (Vienna): +43-1-506-740
Canadian Embassy (Vienna): +43-1-531-38-3000
British Embassy (Vienna): +43-1-716-130
US Embassy (Vienna): +43-1-31339-7580
Vienna Taxi 31300: +43-1-313000

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