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Australia Travel Guide

Australia — Travel Tips

  • Don’t drive into rural Australia without taking necessary precautions, such as bringing food, water, and plenty of gas
  • Wear sunscreen when holidaying, as Australia’s sun is unforgiving
  • Have a well-planned itinerary for getting between regions as travel times can be daunting
  • Avoid traveling in Australia’s northern regions during the wet season
  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags when swimming at the beach
  • Australia has some of the most poisonous animals in the world, including snakes, spiders, and marine creatures; it is best to stay away from local wildlife, if you are in anyway unsure

Contact Numbers

Police: 000 / 131-444
Emergency: 000
Royal Melbourne Hospital: +61-3-9342-7802
Embassy of the United States of America (Canberra): +61-2-6214-5600
British High Commission (Canberra): +61-2-6270-6666
Canadian High Commission (Canberra): +61-2-6270-4000
Yellow Cab: +61-7-3391-5955

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