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Nestled deep inside the heart of California’s iconic Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains is the legendary, high altitude ski town of Mammoth Lakes. Originally home to the native Paiute tribe more than ...
My family and I set out to explore Mammoth Lakes, California, and quickly discovered the iconic ski town in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is best during midweek.
In terms of snowfall, the 2016-2017 season has been off the charts for Mammoth Lakes.
A mere five-hour drive from the palm tree lined streets ofLos Angeles is the snowiest place in the United States. That’s right, after a record setting January with six monster storms, Mammoth Lakes...
What it is about NYC in the wintertime? Even the most hardened New Yorkers will admit the Big Apple is simply irresistible draped under a blanket of snow.
Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia may be Canada’s second largest ski resort, but over 4,000 skiable acres, it should be your first choice for adventure.
California is a place of great diversity: diversity of cultures, diversity of climate, diversity of geography, and diversity of attractions. There are beaches for ocean lovers, mountains for snow j...
The winter chill may keep you homebound in other states, but adventures in California don't end just because the calendar indicates it's time to bundle up.
When the frigid winter months roll around you may find yourself eager to get away, split town and escape to someplace warm.
While most people live or visit San Diego for the year-round sun and stunning shores, you may be surprised to learn that ski hills are not far away either.