The Top 5 Places to go Splunking & Caving in the US

The abundance of caves in nearly every corner of the country means exploring is never too far away. Finding natural beauty and a sense of smallness in the universe, spelunkers need nothing more than a good pair of shoes to discover their adventures. Here are five of the best caving places in America for enthusiasts and neophytes alike:

Caverns of Sonora, Texas

New crystals are still forming in much of this vast complex in Texas, making it one of the most actively growing caves in the world. It’s filled with loads of sparkling mineral formations from coral trees to stalactites. Adventure-seekers can also get up close and personal on the “Discovery Challenge”, where you will rappel 50 feet down into the Devil’s Pit.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

If you’re going to go explore caves, why not hit the world’s longest? With 390 miles explored so far and “no end in sight,” the national park system hosts a number of affordable tours that offer a glimpse of the Frozen Niagara formation, lantern-lit passages and underground rivers, lakes, canyons and limestone walls.

Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon

Tired of being baby-sat on the no-touch guided tours? Oregon Caves National Monument offers an off-trail caving tour, that includes a guide but also instruction on technique and etiquette. Best of all, the three-hour tour means you get to climb and crawl around the marble surfaces as much as you want, wherever you want for a true spelunking experience.

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Fossils of plants and animals left from the ocean are trapped within the walls of these historic caves and a visit to the grand “Big Room,” is a must. With paved walkways, handrails and lights, it’s one of the most modernized caving experiences in existence and offers both tours and self-guided viewings.

Lehman Caves, Nevada

 It’s not the biggest or the baddest, but the Lehman Caves in Nevada are arguably the most beautiful, with more than 300 rock formations in this marble cave. It’s extremely fragile, so most outside items are not allowed and it’s accessible by one of three tours only.