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10 Things That Should Be on your Bucketlist

#YOLO - You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. The wildly popular phrase making its way around the interwebs has struck a special cord with adventure and travel enthusiasts anxiously awaiting to conquer the next unforgettable experience from their seemingly endless bucket list. Take it from us though, every time you cross something off the list, 10 more things to do appear in its place. So whether your list ever gets shorter, here are some absolute must-do experiences to truly say you’ve lived life to the fullest.  How many have you completed?


Skydive or bungee jump

There’s no greater rush than feeling the earth crashing below you during those 60 seconds of freefall. Hit epic speeds up to 120 MPH and then enjoy the 5-7 minutes breezily floating to the ground while enjoying a view fit for a king. Looking for an especially memorable landscape to make the jump? Some of the most popular places in the world to skydive include rugged Australia and New Zealand, the Swiss Alps or even off a volcano in Russia.