Snowmobiling in Wyoming

If there’s one state in the country where snowmobiling is more than just a frivolous pastime, it’s Wyoming. It seems like practically everyone in this gorgeous state owns or uses a snowmobile on a fairly regular basis. Indeed, it’s possible to find exceptional snowmobiling opportunities in just about every last corner of the state. If you’re thinking about visiting Wyoming between mid-December and the beginning of April - and would like to zip around on a snowmobile through some scenic countryside - there are more than 2,000 miles of groomed and ungroomed trails on which to do so. The following regional guide can help you decide where to go.

Beartooth Mountains

Snowmobiling is very popular in the northwestern part of Wyoming, which is where you will find the Beartooth Mountains. With three to ten feet of snow available throughout the season, the area’s more than sixty miles of trails are sure to beckon you. Elevations in this part of Wyoming range from 7,500 feet to about 11,000 feet; therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll see some breathtaking scenery while riding your snowmobile around here. Cooke City, Powell and Cody are the best places to use as jumping-off points for your snowmobiling adventures.

Black Hills

Over in the northeastern part of the state, you’ll find ample opportunities for snowmobiling. The regions 55 miles of groomed trails connect with South Dakota’s Black Hills system, affording visitors with even more exciting options. You won’t run out of land to cover and you’ll love the long season, which runs from December to March. Snow depths tend to average between one and four feet, and elevations range from 5,000 feet to 7,000 feet. Newcastle and Sundance are the two best places to hunker down if you want to devote serious time to snowmobiling in this part of the state.

Big Horn Mountains

Located smack-dab in the middle of the state, the Big Horn Mountains are truly majestic and awe-inspiring. Happily enough, they also happen to be great for snowmobiling. There are no fewer than 193 clearly marked and well-groomed trails within this part of the state. Thousands and thousands of powdered meadows can also be used for some truly free-wheeling snowmobiling fun. Elevations here range from 7,500 feet to 10,000 feet; if high altitudes bother you, you’re not going to be happy here. Set your sights on Sheridan, Lovell or Greybull for accommodations.

The Continental Divide

Many passionate snowmobilers enjoy scooting along the Continental Divide during peak season. In the area, the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail is the most obvious choice. It begins in the southeast at Lander and ends in the northwest at West Yellowstone. In addition to crossing the divide four separate times, the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail runs parallel to it the vast majority of the time. In the state of Wyoming, there are few better places to enjoy this exhilarating pastime than the Continental Divide. Thanks to some very high peaks, you can see for as far as 150 miles in some places.

The Wyoming Range

In the western part of Wyoming, the Wyoming Range presents a vast range of topnotch snowmobiling opportunities. One of the best things about this area is that it has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re sure to find a trail that’s right for you. There are more than 330 miles of trails in and around the Wyoming Range, so you won’t have to worry about things getting too crowded. Alpine, Big Piney and Kemmerer are all good places to situate yourself when embarking on snowmobile tours of the region.

Hop on a Snowmobile and Have Fun!

At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like the feel of zipping along the countryside on the back of a powerful, easy-to-navigate snowmobile. Many states in the U.S. offer snowmobiling opportunities, but few have the diverse range of options that Wyoming does. Whether you’ll be in the north, south, east or west portion of the state, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a scenic and safe trail to enjoy. Better still, the long snowmobiling season ensures that you will be able to pencil in the time to enjoy this great pastime while here.