Sleeping Giant Ski Area: Reopened for Business!

Many people were greatly disappointed when Sleeping Giant Ski Area closed in 2004. As one of the longest-running ski areas in the country - and one of the most scenic ones - it had won the hearts of countless people through the years. When it comes to family-friendly skiing options in northern Wyoming, you can’t do better than Sleeping Giant. Happily, though, the ski area reopened to much fanfare in 2008. If you’re looking for an ideal place to ski - especially near the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park - Sleeping Giant should be at the top of your list.

Years of Topnotch Skiing Opportunities

The Sleeping Giant Ski Area first opened during the 1936 to 1937 ski season. The area was a shoo-in for a ski resort, thanks to its yearly abundance of snowfall and winning combination of ski runs. Indeed, the area in and around Sleeping Giant receives 200 to 300 inches of snow each and every year; on top of that, it boasts ski runs that will please beginners and experts alike. For families, the ski area has a little bit of something for everyone - and that’s incredibly important when you’re trying to keep many different people happy.

First-Rate Skiing in Northern Wyoming

There are more than 180 areas available for skiing within the Sleeping Giant Ski Area. Whether you’re looking for green-level runs that won’t push the envelope too much, or if you’re in search of some exhilarating runs, you’re sure to find just the perfect thing within the boundaries of Sleeping Giant. The area is just three miles from the East Entrance of Yellowstone, and about 50 miles to the west of Cody, Wyoming, making it a perfect stopping-off point for families who are traveling from one part of the state to another.

A Unique History

Considering how popular it’s always been, it seems strange that Sleeping Giant had to close back in 2004. When it first opened in 1937, the ski area was an instant success. During the 40s, a first-rate T-bar lift was put into use. Through the years, it was updated and upgraded; unfortunately, though, it was deemed unsafe in 2004. Sleeping Giant did not have the financial means to replace the lift, so it had to close its doors. The absence of the ski area left a gaping hole in this part of Wyoming for a couple of years.

Luckily, the fortunes of Sleeping Giant changed in 2007. That’s when the Nielson family purchased the ski area with the intention of reopening it. While getting it ready, more than $2.5 million was poured into Sleeping Giant. As a result, the newly reopened ski area boasts many new amenities, including a triple chairlift from Mammoth, California and a snow-making system. Thanks to these upgrades, Sleeping Giant is not only now open for business - it can now hold its own against some of the most first-rate ski resorts in the American West.

A Worthwhile Ski Area

One of the juggling acts that many families have to participate in when skiing is finding an area that can accommodate experts and beginners alike. After all, mom, dad and older teenagers may be quite adept at skiing; meanwhile, younger kids may be completely inexperienced. As it happens, Sleeping Giant is well-suited to such motley crews. A 900-foot vertical drop is sure to catch the eye of more experienced skiers, while plenty of very tame runs will keep beginners comfortable. In addition to many great downhill runs, Sleeping Giant boasts plenty of cross-country trails; a topnotch school is also available.

Squeeze in a Visit

While roaming around nearby Yellowstone is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s only natural to want to blow off some steam while visiting this part of Wyoming. Sleeping Giant Ski Area is a great place at which to do so. Keep in mind that the ski area is open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays; make sure to plan your visit accordingly. With daily rates coming in below $30, it’s safe to say that Sleeping Giant offers one of the very best skiing deals in the entire region. Whether you decide to stop in for a single day - or make a long weekend out of it - you and your family are sure to have a fantastic time.