The Best Winter Adventures for the Family

The perfect winter wonderland scene depicted in a snow globe is the making of a unique family vacation. Instead of the typical beach getaway, consider hitting up one of these winter activities to curb the cold. You just may find out you don’t hate Frosty as much as you thought.

Reindeer Farm- Alaska

If you didn’t get enough Rudolph during Christmas time, the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska (12 miles outside of Anchorage) offers tours and rides on the "Cattle of the North." Offered by appointment only, this small family farm is home to 150 Reindeer, 35 Elk, 13 Horses, 2 Bull Moose, and 1 Bison. Visit and get an up close and personal with each animal through the numerous hiking trails, scavenger hunts and horseback rides.

Visit Santa Claus, Indiana

America’s Christmas Home town, Christmas is celebrated every day of the year in Chicago Bear’s quarterback Jay Cutler’s hometown. With a whole village of fun Santa-themed attractions, hit up the Holiday World water park, Christmas museum, Candy Castle, Frosty Fun center mini golf and visit Santa’s post office. And dad- there’s even a Christmas Lake golf course for you.

Embark on a Polar Bear Expedition- Manitoba, Canada

From noon ‘til night, get up close and personal with these white beauties by entering their natural habitat. Sleep in the Tundra Buggy Lodge, a makeshift lodge consisting of two sleeper cars (housing 18 and 20 guests respectively), lounge, dining and utility cars offer 24-hour polar bear viewing, along with informative presentations and gourmet meals on the Lodge. Wake up with the polar bears and watch them play fight in the snow during the most thrilling and intimate experience ever.

Go Ice Fishing in the Great Lakes

A great father-son bonding activity, ice fishing is the practice of fishing with lines or spears through an opening on a frozen body of water, ice anglers may sit on a stool on the lake or in a heated cabin, some with bunks and amenities. Northern Wisconsin and Michigan are common spots to find panfish, most commonly bluegill and perch. Northern pike and walleye are also frequently caught in winter. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!