Photo Credit: Joey Lax-Salinas

Few states boast as many fall travel opportunities as Tennessee. The Volunteer State is awash in color and photo opportunities around every turn. Whether your family enjoys getting outside and being active, or if it prefers coasting along a gorgeous byway on a crisp fall day, Tennessee will not disappoint. Get a kick out of finding their way out of a corn maze or grab a fishing pole and take advantage of the many lakes, rivers and streams. Falling into adventure is easy to do in Tennessee.

Survey the Scene on a Scenic Drive

If anything in this world is sure to make you “ooh” and “ahh,” it’s the amazing colors of Tennessee leaves in the fall. The state boasts many resplendent byways and trails that are a joy to traverse during any season; by doing so in the fall, though, the ante is decidedly upped. Scoot along the Antebellum Trail to take in breathtaking plantations that are beautifully set off by fall’s amazing color show; speed along the Tail of the Devil for a rip-roaring good time. Above all else, put the Cherohala Skyway at the top of your fall driving list.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Tennessee is the home of thousands of large, highly productive farms. During the spring and summer, these farms produce the food that all of us rely on; during the fall, many of these same farms open their arms to visitors in search of a little fall fun. Corn mazes are extremely popular and abundant in Tennessee. No matter what part of the state you are in, there’s sure to be a quality corn maze somewhere nearby. Make a point of trying out at least one of them - you won’t be disappointed!

View the Countryside by Horseback

While viewing the Tennessee countryside from a vehicle provides quite a rush, especially during the autumn months, viewing it from horseback can be even more enjoyable. From the back of a horse, things take on a whole new look. Better yet, you’re able to enjoy the crisp, cool air that is so characteristic of a typical fall day in Tennessee. The sound of crunching leaves beneath the hooves of your equine friend are sure to mesmerize you; the sights and smells of Tennessee during the full color show of the fall is bound to be unforgettable, too.

Angle with the Best of Them

Fishing is wildly popular in Tennessee, and fall is a great time during which to enjoy it. You don’t have to be a professional angler in order to make the most out of your visit to the state, either - opportunities for novices and more for more experienced fishermen are equally available. Rivers tend to be the most popular options; whether you choose to fish along the Clinch, Obey, Hiwassee, Holston or any other river in the state, you’re certain to come away with an amazing catch.

Cruise Along a River

You can enjoy a whole other side of the state of Tennessee during the fall by cruising down one of its rivers in a riverboat. As the longest river within the state of Tennessee, the Duck River is a natural option. However, opportunities for topnotch river cruises abound across the state. Many of these rivers meander through sparsely populated areas, ensuring a high concentration of eye-popping foliage. When the reds, oranges, browns and golds of the fall trees create reflections in the river on which you are traveling, you will be glad that you took the journey.

Enjoy Tennessee’s Autumnal Splendor

Any season is a great season to visit Tennessee, but fall definitely makes a convincing case for being among the very best of them all. Families, couples and solo adventurers alike are all bound to appreciate the majestic beauty and remarkable weather of the state during the autumn months. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get into the spirit of things. Tennessee is a naturally engaging and beautiful state, especially in the fall, and some of its very best features are free for everyone to enjoy.