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Eat Your Heart Out in Spain

​One of the most popular and flavorful cuisines on the planet, elements from Spain have made their way around the world, c...


La Tomatina: Spain's Biggest Food Fight

While we often associate throwing tomatoes with an unfortunate theatre performance or as a way to humiliate the village id...


Grab Your Broomstick and Fly Around Spain's Cursed Village of Witches

n the Spanish region of Aragon, nestled in the foothills of the Moncayo Mountain range, lays a tiny Spanish village. For c...


Es Vedra: The Mysterious Island Said to Be the Gateway to Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis. The simple phrase conjures up a sense of mystery and images of deep ocean waters, a foreign peo...


How to Participate in Pamplona's Running of the Bulls

A festival that originally had its roots buried deep in religious tradition has long since become a raucous celebration that hinges on several rockets, a few horned animals and centuries-old tradition. Every year, more than a million people from all corners of the earth flock to the Spanish city of Pamplona to experience the madness firsthand.


The 411 on Spain's Paradores: Stay Like a King For a Pauper’s Price

In Spain, staying in former castles, monasteries and palaces is very much possible, even if you don't have the largest bud...


A {Gaudí} Tour of Barcelona

The seaside city of Barcelona has played by its own rules for centuries, but even it wasn’t quite prepared for Antoni Gaud...


Spain’s Best Kept Secret: The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are seven exotic islands filled with natural wonders, charming seaside villages and plenty of white san...