Photo Credit: Shawn Harquail

One of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world, Peru is a country rich in culture and biodiversity. However, most people don't look beyond Machu Picchu. From the mystical Andes Mountains to the Pacific Coast, there are tons of natural and historical attractions to explore.

  1. Cuzco - Walk centuries old cobble-stone streets to the back alleys and shop in the charming stores of this city in the Andes.
  2. Nazca Lines - Only seen from the air, this plateau covering 80 kms and reveals hundreds of shapes and designs carved into the ground. A flight over these lines is an eye-opening experience into a mystery pre-dating time.
  3. Amazon Headwaters - There are over 65 ethnic groups living along the shores of these headwaters surrounded by rainforest. It is very popular with birders.
  4. Condors - The Andean condor is the largest flying land bird in the world. Their wingspan can reach 10 ft. and they can live 50 years.
  5. Inti Raymi Festival - Fantastic festival outside of Cuzco happens on June 21 at the equinox. It is based an old Incan tradition to honour the sun god Inti.
  6. Lima Gold Museum - Otherwise known as The Sala Museo Oro del Perú Larcomar, this museum is the most interesting museum in Lima.
  7. Ollantaytambo - This town is outside of Cuzco and can be reached by train or road. It was at the heart of Incan civilization so there are many Incan buildings to admire here.
  8. Arequipa - Another name for this city is La Ciudad Blanco as many of the buildings were constructed with white volcanic rock. Two silent volcanoes sit on either sides of the city.
  9. Uros Indians - You can visit their settlements on Lake Titicaca; and amazingly, their culture pre-dates the Incas. Local totora reeds are used to create their woven islets as well as being the main food staple.
  10. UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Peru has 10 natural, cultural and mixed sites of interest from the entire city of Cuzco to national parks like Manu.