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Top 10 Dining Experiences in the World

There are many lists of the world’s top dining experiences, although possibly the most esteemed is that of S. Pellegrino whose poll of acclaimed chefs and renowned food critics rate the world’s best 50 restaurants every year. We aren’t claiming to better S.Pellegrino by any means, but our collection of 10 restaurants includes some little known gems that are special for varying reasons be that their location on a ferris wheel, a restaurant that moves location, has a charity arm or features the world’s smallest waiters.


The Pale Blue Door, last seen in London

Revolving restaurants have long been a trend and can be found in cities around the world, but this one actually packs up and moves countries depending on the chef's place of residence. Tony Hornecker’s restaurant travels with him wherever he goes, be that in a ramshackle treehouse in Santiago de Chile, an abandoned mansion in Buenos Aires or a terrace house-turned-studio in London. Hornecker is an artist and set designer so diners are simultaneously treated to mismatched furniture and trinkets, a decent dinner and possibly a theatrical performance, as well. Keep an eye out for this one.