"Fiji Me"

In a world of only 333 islands with almost every conceivable activity and adventure to choose from, it is without wonder why North American travelers make Fiji their top destination of choice for a vacation away. According to Forbes.com. Fiji has been rated among the top 15 affordable countries for travelers during the current recession in the US.

Whether travelers are seeking to delve into exhilarating adventure on a white water rafting excursion, rekindling romance on an exotic private island resort or immersing themselves in a dynamic 2000 year old culture, there is something for everyone.

Unforgettable Fiji

Miles of white sandy beaches, lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls and the only sand dunes in the South Pacific make up the Fiji Islands, a quintessential Pacific Island nation with glistening emerald isles offering a treasure trove of activities for seasoned and first-time travelers. The islands are sprinkled over an area of ocean 1,750 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia and 1,150 miles north of Auckland, New Zealand.

Just Say "Bula"

“Bula" is a term that Fijians use to welcomes visitors to resorts, local villages and public places. The word is infectious. Nowhere on earth will travelers discover as friendly a people. The Fijians’ genuine warmth and friendliness turn every day into a lasting vacation memory.

Fiji’s historic blend of Melanesian, Polynesian, European, Indian and Chinese cultures provide rich opportunities for cultural tourism, savory dining and diverse shopping. For ultimate adventure, one-of-a-kind land excursions and a multitude of ocean sports, from exceptional diving, snorkeling, kayaking and cruising on The Blue Lagoon and Captain Cook make for an unparalleled vacation.

Diverse Customs & Culture

Everything in Fiji begins with kava (Fiji’s ceremonial drink). Dating back before history was recorded, the kava ceremony was an example of the deep culture that made the Fiji experience unique. Kava, known as Yaqona, is a tranquilizing nonalcoholic drink that numbs the tongue and lips. It is made from the waka (dried root) of the pepper plant. The kava ceremony is performed with the utmost gravity to mark births, marriages, deaths, official visits and the installation of a new chief.

A Diver's Paradise

World-class dive sites teeming with brilliant soft corals and an abundance of sea creatures make Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, one of the best undersea experiences on earth. The island’s marine majesty boasts vibrant undersea walls, coral heads, seemingly bottomless drop-offs (a favorite of Jean-Michel Cousteau) and velvety rainforests that have inspired both Americans and Australians to open resorts along its pristine shores.

A Haven For Romance

For those seeking true romance, look no further than Fiji. From private picnics on deserted islands to candlelit dinners for two on the beach under a canopy of stars, couples discover the very definition of “honeymoon.” Guests choose from Western-style weddings and ceremonies at sunset to the more traditional Fijian-style ceremony with the bride dressed in the traditional tapa cloth, followed by an elaborate lovo (traditional Fijian feast).

From Affordable to Luxury Accomodations

Fiji’s mainland resorts are just as alluring as its five-star one island resorts. The Coral Coast on Fiji’s largest island Vitu Levu features modern hotels of all sizes with lagoon pools, lush gardens, beach restaurants, first-rate accommodations and a multitude of activities to please everyone from honeymooners to meeting goers. Denarau Island and the Nadi region are home to some of the world’s widely recognized resorts including well known North American brands including Hilton, Radisson, Westin and InterContinental.

For more information, visit www.fijime.com or www.fijime.tv.