If exploring the rugged outdoors is your thing, then Saskatchewan is the place to go.

The prairie province in central Canada has over 100,000 freshwater rivers, lakes, and streams and nearly half of it is covered by forest. When you add that all together and look at its location on a map, Saskatchewan is truly North America’s heartland.

While there are many national and provincial parks throughout the province, two stand out from the rest in the best way possible. Spanning a combined total of 1,800 square miles, these two parks expose visitors to the natural, sprawling beauty of the Great White North in the most dramatic way possible. As any outdoorsmen will tell you, it’s more than just a place to admire the night sky or hike another trail, it’s finding an area to claim as your own.

Outdoor lovers, it’s yours for the taking. What are you waiting for?

Camp in Prince Albert National Park

Saying you don’t like to camp isn’t an acceptable excuse at Prince Albert National Park. With three sleeping options (RV, standard tent or otentik tents for “glamping”), everyone in the family can walk away with a good experience. But what makes camping here so special? While most of Saskatchewan is flat prairie, Prince Albert is situated along the edge of the boreal forest, exposing the area to wildlife and plant species that are hard to find in other parts of the country. It makes for a surreal experience that’s unique to Canada, let alone greater North America.

"Grasslands National Park" by Tourism Saskatchewan & Douglas E. Walker

"Grasslands National Park" by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

"Moonlit Tipi on the Grasslands" by Terry Lawson via Flickr Creative Commons

Backpack across Grasslands National Park

There’s something special about a trail with views of endless grassland that meets the horizon at every turn, which is exactly what you’ll find in Grasslands National Park. It’s also that only national park that could rival the beauty of Prince Albert, but for entirely different reasons. Grasslands National Park is the only park in Canada that protects the original flora and fauna, allowing visitors to literally roam with the buffalo, so to speak. Just be sure to keep your camera ready because you’re going to need it.