Where to go in England: The Brick Lane district

Travelers who are wondering where to go in should head to London’s Brick Lane district. This area may be the spiciest spot in England, and is sure to be a fun and exciting excursion for all individuals who are visiting from outside the country. This fall in London, travelers looking to add some spice and variety to their vacations can explore Brick Lane and experience the nuanced culture and cuisine of Great Britain’s largest Indian community.

According to Icons.org, the Brick Lane district of London is the epicenter of the Bangladeshi and Bengali communities. It is often referred to by its nickname, Banglatown, and is known for having a large variety of curry restaurants, spice shops and stores selling ethnic wares. The area is also considered to be a “hotbed” of fashion, music and visual art.

Brick Lane holds an annual curry festival each year. Typically held in the fall, the 2011 event took place this past May. According to the festival’s website, the celebration was held in the spring so that the neighborhood’s residents could spend the fall and winter gearing up for next year’s Olympics. As the district is famous for being a haven for curry lovers and is very conveniently located in the center of East London, it has been declared an ’Olympic Curry Village’ and will put on several festivals, events and special curry-related activities for the Games next summer.

There are many restaurants that travelers will want to check out in Brick Lane. According to BBC News, Aladin’s is one of the best curry houses not only in London or the United Kingdom, but in the entire world. This eatery made its way to the top of the new source’s list of the best Indian dining options on the globe and comes highly recommended to visitors wishing to sample this spicy and delicious cuisine.

While BBC News reports that individuals can get well-made Indian food at almost any restaurant on Brick Lane, Aladin’s is a special place that stands out among the rest. The media outlet recommends the bhajjiya, which is a snack comprised of fried onions and potatoes; Balti, a British-Indian curry hybrid; and the vindaloo.