Take in a bit of star gazing in a desert in Chile, relax your old bones on the crisp beaches of the Bahamas or challenge yourself hiking in Patagonia. From relaxation to exotic to stuff that will give you a workout there’s plenty of senior vacation destinations to choose in Latin America.

  1. Star gazing, Atacama Desert, Chile

    This desert, the driest in the world, is the best place for star gazing in the world, due to a lack of moisture in the air, low light pollution and the high altitude. It is a landscape girded by soaring peaks, rainless and full of salt basins, sand and lava flows. If stargazing is too tame, there’s also a marathon run through here annually and sand boarding.

  2. Bahamas

    Take a sedate trip here to the Bahamas and lie on crisp beaches, snorkel in a pristine environment, tour the old British outposts, enjoy fine sea food dining and visit the local markets. Choose your own pace as long as it’s languid.

  3. Hiking, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

    This is one of the world’s most scenic hikes and completely doable for a senior. The trail isn’t particularly well maintained but it never ascends too high either so you won’t get altitude sickness. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of National Geographic’s 50 places to visit in your lifetime.

  4. History, Yucatán, Mexico

    Yucatán is a name synonymous with historic ruins and balmy beaches. Explore some of the ancient ruins, including the incredible Chichen Itza amid the tangled jungle foliage. Tour the Spanish colonial cities, cathedrals and haciendas. There’s also plenty of eco touring to be done and a number of adventure companies that offer rappelling, zip-line, mountain biking, camping, sport fishing, bird watching, kayaking and snorkeling.

  5. Guatemala

    Be drawn by the colonial charms of Antigua, Lake Atitlan and markets promising sensory overload. Guatemala is home of the Mayan culture and is renowned for colorful textiles and weaving villages.

  6. Sea of Cortes, Mexico

    Take a small ship cruise here for a luxury trip you’ll never forget. Kayak the rocky coastlines of Isla Partida, snorkel the clear waters of Los Islotes, whale watch in the lagoons and hike among a forest of the world’s tallest cactus in lsla Coyote.

  7. Nariz del Diablo train, Ecuador

    It might be the most difficult train ride in the world because of the terrain it follows but you’ll be very safe on this spectacular ride through the Andes.

  8. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

    These unforgettable falls with their 275 cascades are spread in a horseshoe shape over more than 1.8 miles. Long river approaches are possible along both the Parana and Iguazu Rivers. Both are equally spectacular with numerous smaller waterfalls, exotic forests and islets to admire before they converge just over 14 miles from the falls.

  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    This is one of the world’s great cities and seniors will feel at home amongst the friendly population. If you’re an active senior you’ll particularly love getting in on the local tango scene.

  10. Cuzco, Peru

    You’re bound to visit this town if you’re enroute to Macchu Picchu, the famed town at the end of the Inca trail that begins near Cuzco. There are plenty of senior travel companies that can take you there with fellow hikers who simply aim to finish.