Europe is perhaps the most cycled continent on earth. From the legendary routes of France’s Chamonix region to the Icelandic volcano fields, cycling culture has advanced far beyond anywhere else. Wildflower and farmland lined country roads and jaw dropping alpine climbs are the standard here. If you need it, expect to find top of the line tours and luxurious accommodations.

  1. Southern Highlands, Iceland

    Waterfalls line jeep and single-track routes across lava fields, deserts, jagged mountains, and gorges in truly untouched and spectacular scenery. Finish your day with a dip in the many hot springs.

  2. Lake Garda, Italy

    Cliffside trails and awesome views of a pristine alpine lake make this one of the best trails anywhere. These Northern Italian trails zig zag down vertical nearly drops. Home to a major bike festival.

  3. Chamonix, France

    The French Alps are the setting for some of the world’s best known single track trails within an earshot of charming chateaus and under the shadow of Mont Blanc.

  4. Basque Country

    Mountains and ocean views en route from Blbao to Biarritz.

  5. Uccidere di Ruota, Italy

    Mostly dirt tracks and gnarly downhills near Motta in Sicily pass under Mount Etna and the Motta Castle.

  6. Åre, Sweden

    Ride a chairlift to the top of one of Sweden’s favorite ski resorts, which is also a hot biking spot.

  7. Bouillion, Belgium

    You’ll find miles and miles of advanced trails just a short distance from Bruges in the Ardennes Mountains.

  8. Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

    From Interlaken to the Jungfrau mastiff, this postcard perfect region is dissected by single track trails near waterfalls, mountain lakes, cow pastures, and sheer rock faces.

  9. Hardanger Mountains, Norway

    Follow the Oslo-Bergen railway across Norway’s most spectacular hills.

  10. Ayios Nicholaos to Platania, Cyprus

    This easy 11-mile gravel trail around Cyprus has excellent lookouts to the ocean and mountains. The perfect Mediterranean trail.