As the year draws to a close, it's time again to make those dreaded resolutions. Instead of swearing up and down you'll go to the gym, eat healthy, and lose 10 lbs, how about making a resolution that actually improves your life in a more impactful way? We're convinced travel enriches the soul by making you a better person for understanding the world just a little more and creating long-lasting memories. So what are you waiting for?

Resolve to take at least one trip

No matter how big or how far, everyone needs to recharge their batteries. Even if it's just to the closest lake town or ski resort to spend time with loved ones, shut your phone and computer off and do nothing but relax for a few days and enjoy each other's company. Life is too short to think about work all the time. Break out the board games and let your hair down, it's always good to return to a simpler time before we were so connected.

Conquer a Fear

Whether it be heights, animals, or something else entirely, look your fear in the eye and say it ends today. If it's heights, a trip to the CN Tower might be in order. Want to be really ballsy? Try skydiving. Make this the year of #yolo, or apply that philosophy to your whole life.

Visit an Old Friend or Family

There's nothing more fulfilling than catching up with old ties. Maybe it's that high school friend who moved across the country that you fell out of touch with or your crazy aunt Jill you never really understood, but spend some time reconnecting before all the new people you meet in 2013.

Give Back

Engaging in a selfless act like volunteering your time or raising money for a cause creates those warm fuzzies and makes you feel good about yourself, like you're making a difference. If you don't want the standard experience of donating food or adopting a family, how about teaching English as a second language? Or helping rehab a species that's about to be extinct? After all, life is about the seize the day and get to livin'!