Many people are under the impression that renting a vacation home is extremely extravagant and that only people with lots of extra money do it. For one reason or another, many vacationers think that hotels are the most affordable option - no matter what. The truth is, though, that vacation homes are actually much more economical than staying in a hotel. Renting a vacation home also brings many other prime benefits to the table.

Learn more about why you should consider vacation rentals by checking out our list of the top seven key advantages to renting a vacation home below.

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Exceptional Value

Vacation homes are typically rented by the week. When you break down the price on a per-day basis - and add in the actual size of the home when compared with a standard hotel room - it’s easy to see that vacation rentals offer spectacular value. Savvy vacationers know that renting a vacation home is always a more affordable option, and that they get more bang for their buck by staying in a vacation rental. When every last penny counts, you simply can’t do better than renting a vacation home.

Unbeatable Privacy

Whether you have young children who are bound to make a lot of noise - or if you’d simply prefer not to share your immediate surroundings with other vacationers - vacation rentals offer exceptional privacy. Whether you rent a house, a condo or a cabin, you’re bound to discover that the privacy that goes along with it is out of this world. The thrill of being able to lounge about on a lazy morning - and not having to get all ready to go just to grab a cup of coffee - is something that will make you a vacation home renter for life.

Excellent Locations

Although many hotels are located right on the beach or smack-dab downtown, the benefits of such prime locations pale when you consider the logistics of making your way from your room down to the beach or the street. When you rent a vacation home, you get to enjoy much better - and more practical - locations. No matter where you want to rent a home, you should have no problem tracking down a rental that will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Stepping out your back door right onto the sand can be a reality with a vacation rental.

Great Variety

When you stay a hotel, your options in terms of layout and configuration are very limited. Generally speaking, hotel rooms and suites are the two main options that you’re going to have. With vacation rentals, though, the sky really is the limit when it comes to where you’ll stay. From elegant condos in hip downtown districts to rustic cabins set deep in the woods, you can find any type of vacation home imaginable. Always dreamed of staying in a breezy, beach-side cottage? You can make that dream a reality by renting a vacation home.

Unparalleled Space

Whether you’re traveling as a pair or as a herd, having ample space is always a nice thing when on vacation. Even the largest hotel rooms involve a bit of squeezing in; when you rent a vacation home, however, everybody has a chance to spread out. With all of that extra space, peoples’ moods tend to be brighter and relaxation is enhanced by a considerable degree. Togetherness is well and good, but having the option to enjoy a bit of privacy is never a bad thing - and vacation homes can make that possible.

Less Packing

Since many vacation rentals include laundry facilities, you have the option of packing a lot less stuff. Lighter suitcases make for happier travelers; this is especially true when you’re traveling with children. The convenience of being able to throw in a load of laundry while on your vacation is truly unbeatable; unlike hotel laundry facilities, you won’t have to vie for a turn among crowds of other guests. From start to finish, onsite laundry facilities add an extra element of convenience and enjoyment to any vacation - and can reduce the stress of traveling a great deal, too.

Lower Food Bills

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is food. Dining out can be a very costly proposition, but you don’t have many other options when you stay at a hotel. With a vacation home, you have the option of enjoying a full-fledged kitchen while staying in a convenient and topnotch location. Upon hitting town, just swing by the local grocery store and stock up on the essentials. The ability to whip up a quick meal on a moment’s notice will help keep body and soul together, especially if you’re traveling with tykes.

Choose A Vacation Rental For Your Next Trip

There’s no doubt about it: Vacation rentals are the superior choice for those who want comfort, convenience and affordability when on a trip. No matter where you’ll be traveling, there’s bound to be a great vacation home nearby for you to rent. From a financial standpoint, renting a vacation home makes great sense; in terms of convenience, you simply can’t do better. When everything is taken into consideration, it is clear that vacation rentals trump hotel stays in every important respect. Give a vacation rental a whirl for your next trip and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.