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The azure blue waters of the Mediterranean were the cradle of human civilization. This is one of the world’s oldest explored bits of sea and there are the wrecks to prove it. Live aboard yachts are favored here and are absolutely everywhere. The region boasts sites for both the diver and snorkeler with their own equipment, as well as numerous tour operators that are concentrated around a few keys areas. There are some far-flung locations too. You’ll need a good wet suit to dive Ireland, but many do and walk away more than impressed.

  1. Cyprus The Zenobia, just off shore, is one of the most accessible wrecks in the world for divers and snorkelers. For groupers and turtles head to the Karpaz Peninsula.
  2. Sardinia, Italy Alghero and general reef topography is ruled by giant rocks, canyons, caves and overhangs that attract slews of scorpion fish, groupers, and morays in clear, warm, Mediterranean waters with mild currents.
  3. Chios Island, Greece While diving is banned in many parts of Greece, you can still dive certain sites near Chios Island.
  4. Canary Islands Fly into Tenerife and make your way to El Hierro, a tiny volcanic island and the premier dive site in the Canaries.
  5. Crete Thirty different dive sites ranging from 6 to 40 feet with good visibility. Starfish, morays, lobster, and a diverse population of fish make the Cretan Sea a sight for everyone.
  6. Malta Step out of the casino and grab your gear to explore the Rozi Wreck or Marfa Reef, two of the best dive sites near Malta.
  7. Sicily, Italy Junker 52, a German made WWII bomber, sits 150 feet deep and is one of many wrecks off the southernmost Island. Explore a bit more and you’ll find caves, tunnels, and an anchor cemetery.
  8. Costa del Sol, Spain You’ll find caves and some of the best wreck dives in the world at Marina del Este, Gibraltar, and Tarifa.
  9. Kilkee, Ireland A natural break in a cliff wall facing the Atlantic, deep, clear water, and an abundance of flora and fauna make this chilly spot the top dive site in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  10. French Riviera, France Clear, sandy bottoms and an endless supply of sunken ships is a wreck divers dream come true.

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