Photo Credit: Ranna M V

Shrouded in clouds and steeped in tales of tragedy and triumph, Mt. Everest is a more than a mountain; it is the stuff of legends and a trip to the Everest base camp is a dream for many adventure travelers. On this trek through the foothills of Everest, you have the opportunity to experience the majesty of this massive peak without risking life and limb to climb it.

Start in Katmandu, where you can explore the temples and monuments that make it such a sacred city. From there, fly to the charming town of Lukla and start your trek. The stunning views of Everest, Lhotse and other peaks are well worth the demanding uphill climbs for the next few days. Besides the scenery, highlights of the trek include a visit to the Thyanboche monastery, one of the Khumbu region’s most important cultural centers and a day in Namche, a thriving town clinging to the hillside. Your descent is just as enjoyable and the warmer climate allows you to shed those sweaters.

Here are a few items you need to pack for this extreme adventure:

The Original Swiss Army Knife

Never leave home without it. We recommend the Matterhorn® model and as a personal touch, have it engraved.

A Pair of Booties

Down or synthetic. A great luxury item to keep those toes warm. Take a look at Sierra Designs.

All Seasons Hat

The Tilley TW2 Winter Hat may very well be the best, most practical, general-purpose winter hat available. For the more fashion-forward, the LTM2-Airflo Nylamtium from Tilley not only looks great, but quite literally overshadows the rest with it's wide brim.

A MicroFiber Towel

An essential piece of gear that will dry quickly, is incredibly compact, lightweight and will last forever.

SPOT Satellite Messenger

This device works just about anywhere with no cell phone signals or towers needed. Send an SOS message along with your current location at the push of a button. The SPOT Satellite Messenger allows your loved ones to track you merry adventures around the globe from the comfort of their own home and you can even send predetermined messages to let everyone know where you are and that all is good.