One of Spain's many colorful fiestas is the Rioja Wine Festival that takes place at the end of September in Logrono. It will be a night and day spectacular with masqueraders wearing monstrous heads, fireworks, music, festoons of bunting and bright lights, not to mention fine wine and tapas to make the party go with a flow!

Photo Credit: Dominic Lockyer

For aficionados of wine, this celebration of the vine is not one to be missed. Great wines are created with patience, passion, knowledge and the hard work of generations. Providence, too, plays its part, so the annual celebration is not just an expression of thanksgiving but a part of the heritage that fills your glass! Live the festival and love the wines of Rioja.

If you plan to attend, make sure to pencil in a visit to the Dinastia Vivanco Museum, which tells the story of winemaking, introductions to pre-eminent traditional and avant-garde winemakers and the joys of their wines. You will also want to visit the hilltop fortress town of Laguardia and feast on food widely regarded as the best in Spain.

As you can imagine, the Rioja Wine Festival attracts visitors from around the world, so it's very important to book early. Wait too long and you could miss the fun!