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Vacations are designed to bring you closer - closer to yourself, closer to the world and closer to your travel companions. After a week spent traveling with my family in an RV across coastal New England, I have a newfound appreciation for what quality time means. When you are living in close proximity to one another, you find yourself needing to be more considerate, understanding and appreciative of the people around you. Sure, you are sharing the same space, but you’re also sharing the same moments, moments that will last a lifetime.

RVing provide a new level of togetherness unmatched by any other family vacation. From the moment we entered our home away from home, the kids were excited for the adventure to unfold. A new experience for all of us, we were ready to go with the flow and see what the open road had in store. It was nice to be able to follow a similar routine to what we do at home as it wasn’t super disruptive to the kid’s schedule. With their favorite blanket, stuffed animals and toys easily accessible, it made them feel instantly comfortable in any location we explored.

The freedom to go at our own pace is what really excited my wife and me about RV travel. Flexibility is what drew us in, but the options were ultimately what won us over. Sure we had an itinerary of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to see, but it was on our own schedule. We weren’t rushing to check out of a hotel or confined to city limits. When, where, and what we did was completely up to us. The great American road trip is all about exploration and RVing takes that to another level.

The moments we shared also seemed more genuine. Whether it was experiencing the sea creatures at Mystic Aquarium or waking up to the sunrise at our waterfront campsite, my kids’ enthusiasm to embrace each new day and adventure was infectious. Even just flying a kite on the beach was a moment of pure joy. Simplistic and innocent. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, presence makes the heart grow full.

One pleasant surprise we learned was how welcoming the RV camping community can be. During our stay on Cape Cod, a neighbor named Peter helped us set up camp and get situated. Our kids spent most of the day together skateboarding, playing baseball, chasing each other, and coloring in the RV, while we shared stories over the campfire, learning about each other’s travels and lives. Our new friends gave us insider tips about RV life including some easy recipes to try, how to stay organized and fun local attractions to hit.

Our evenings were spent star gazing and reflecting on the day’s events and what was to come before snuggling up in our warm beds. We made s’mores, read stories and connected with each other in a way that is difficult to do with all the distractions of the “real world,” with work, TV, the Internet and cell phones. Armed with dozens of new memories, we realized the time spent together was the best souvenir we could have.