If you're a travel junkie, you're probably always looking to hit the next hotspot ahead of the crowds. When destinations get trendy, the tourists come out in droves and natural wonders get overwhelmed. But, we can tell you where to get one on one with amazing adventures.

As insiders, here are three awesome spots that definitely should be on your bucket list:

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis


If you've always been fascinated by the pyramids and the Temple of Sphinx, you simply must see them first hand. Even if you're not a fan of cruises, spending a couple of days floating down the Nile on a small ship sounds incredible. And of course, those markets. Test your haggling skills in Cairo as you bond with the merchants.

Photo Credit: Jon Mould


The "land of fire and ice" really does have it all! The Atacama desert in the North is the driest in the world (they haven't had rain in 400 years), while the Central Valley is one of the biggest producers of wine in the universe. If you're a fan of the vino, spend a few days touring and tasting at the vineyards. The Lakes district offers hiking, kayaking and amazing views of volcanoes and don't miss heading south for the glaciers.

Photo Credit: Massmo Relsig


The ultimate travel experience, an African safari is on everyone's list. However, while your vision of a safari probably includes the big five on lots of game drives, don't skimp on the amazing food and luxury lodges-- and sundowner cocktails!