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We all know that food is a major part of a vacation. That's why we think it's time to let the diet go and loosen the belt buckle. If you’re looking to pencil in a cheat day, enjoy a globally inspired food tour around Sioux Falls. Get ready to eat and indulge your way across the world without ever leaving sweet 'ole South Dakota.

CRAVE America

Fresh sushi-grade fish flown in daily and an award-winning wine list? Sioux Falls may just be heaven on Earth. Aptly named, CRAVE has made a name for itself by offering sumptuous American classics paired with Japanese sushi. While the food is worth writing home about alone, once you get to the patio, you’ll want to sit and stay awhile.

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Named after the small town in northern Ethiopia known for its monolithic rock churches, Lalibela Restaurant in Sioux Falls is a modest yet humble Ethiopian eatery serving traditional stews, proteins and veggies on injera (a spongy sourdough you eat with your hands). For best results, go with a group to try a bunch of new flavors.

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Pho Quynh

The classic Vietnamese soup is perfect for a sick day or anytime you’re needing some comfort during a cold South Dakota winter. A warning: Pho's menu has nearly 100-items, so if you’re indecisive, you may have a hard time narrowing down the choices. The Vietnamese take on hot pot can't be missed. We also recommend, once again, to bring a few friends along to help you make a dent in a few of the dishes.

Fiero Pizza

Fiero is Italian for proud, and proud they are at Fiero Pizza. Proud of their fresh toppings, proud of their homespun dough, and proud to make pizza right in front of their customers' eyes. Unlike the big New York-Chicago pizza debate, there’s no question here Fiero's can hold its own.

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M.B. Haskett

A deli with international influences, you’ll find the menu at M.B. Haskett draws inspiration from French, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines. Whether you stop in for a breakfast crepe or pastry, a sammie for lunch or their three-course prix fixe weekend dinners, we promise you may be thinking about coming back the very next day.

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Jacky’s Restaurant

If you’re craving south of the border favorites, Jacky’s specializes in Guatemalan and Mexican dishes. Fittingly, coconut milk is one of the prevalent flavors, which is perfect for washing down with a margarita. Located in the heart of downtown near Falls Park, Jacky's is easy to spot and too good to pass by.

Pappy’s The Original

Pappy’s is where you come to get your java fix along with small bites — and maybe the latest on the town gossip. Known as the go-to coffee shop in Sioux Falls, Pappy's isn't your average coffee joint. Along with its signature soups and sandwiches, it also has yogurt bar. To warm your belly, they also offer classic Cincinnati-style Skyline chili served over spaghetti or a Coney dog.

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The Market

The Market is where to go if you’re craving artisan cheese and charcuterie. Aside from being an eatery and a wine bar, it's also a gourmet grocer, giving you plenty of opportunities to either snack as you shop or create a picture-perfect picnic lunch to enjoy in Falls Park.

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Don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you: the food at K's is nothing short of spectacular. Contemporary American cuisine with a twist, expect complex plates like chicken with blackberry bourbon BBQ and mushroom Dijon pheasant.

Minerva’s Restaurant

An institution since 1977, Minerva’s has nine locations around the Midwest. Your go-to for grilled meats and white tablecloth service, it’s the quintessential chophouse experience for a nice dinner out on the town. Because we always advocate treating yo’ self.

CH Patisserie

If you’re craving a sweet treat, the desserts at CH Patisserie are simply divine. They specialize in colorful macarons with flavors ranging from standard vanilla and chocolate to more decadent creations like Nutella and s’more. Trust us, you can call it a souvenir, but you’ll be snacking on that box all night.

Bros Brasserie

Bros Brasserie is an eclectic eatery that looks more like a colorful art gallery inside. Dishes are Creole/American-inspired, but the highlight is their Sunday afternoon barbecue throw down. Don’t miss the sweet chili Sriracha sauce – it’s simply divine.

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Backyard Grill

For ‘cue any day of the week, Backyard Grill has all your fixin’s and cravings. Ribs and wings are the specialty, but don’t miss the more interesting menu items like BBQ’d spaghetti. And, yes, you may leave with the meat sweats.

Parker’s Bistro

A quaint 100-seat fine dining experience, Parker’s is one of those meals you’ll remember for a very long time. Smoked duck, bison meat loaf, and elk loin are just a few of the sumptuous entrees on offer.

Breadico Di Napolitano

To say that Breadico specializes in fresh baked bread would be an understatement. What some have called the best bread they’ve ever tasted, their handcrafted sourdoughs are fermented for up to 48 hours to preserve the integrity of the grain. Try it on a sandwich, as wood-fired pizza crust or simply pick up a loaf to savor for later.