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While most visitors to the British Virgin Islands tend to dream exclusively about its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, we’d like to introduce you to another side of the British Virgin Islands, one that involves lobster dishes galore, chef meet and greets, and fruity island drinks. You see the British Virgin Islands are as serious about sailing as they are their food, so much so that they devote an entire month to it. It’s called BVI Food Fete, and if you’re a foodie (and who isn’t when it comes to lobster and spirits?), it’s something you’ll want to keep on your radar. Paradise just got a little sweeter thanks to this month-long celebration. Here’s how you can enjoy the best of the British Virgin Islands and the Food Fete this year.

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Foodie Finds

BVI Food Fete was designed with the intent to showcase the culinary range of the British Virgin Islands. With more than 60 islands, that’s no easy feat, and it’s just one reason why the celebration lasts for a full month. Now in its fourth year, the BVI Food Fete celebrates the very best of the islands’ cuisine and highlights a range of island delicacies along the way through a series of weekend festivals on a variety of islands. Essentially, each weekend throughout the month of November highlights a different culinary experience or a different island. It’s like the ultimate island scavenger hunt, but instead of looking for seashells you’re being rewarded with five-star meals. Can’t devote the entire month sailing through the British Virgin Islands in search of the best eats? That’s OK! Travelers with limited time can easily prioritize their trip to align with the specific locations and themes. Take a look at the 2017 line-up so you can begin planning your foodie adventure.

Photo courtesy BVI Tourism Board

Jost Pork Festival

When: Saturday, November 4th and Sunday, November 5th
Where: Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is known for many things, including its local folklore, colorful history,'s love for pork. Designed to tie in with the commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th, the Jost Pork Festival is a two-day celebration of a staple ingredient that has proven time and again to be an incredibly versatile dish. Participating restaurants will showcase the local favorites through a series of corned, roasted, barbeque, and stewed dishes. As you sample the local fare, you’ll also be able to enjoy live music and take part in the bonfire closing celebration in honor of Guy Fawkes Day.

Photo courtesy Peter Island Resort & Spa

Barefoot Gourmet Soiree

When: Friday, November 10th
Where: Peter Island Resort & Spa

When local chefs and international celebrity chefs join forces, beautiful meals are created. Located at the Peter Island Resort & Spa, guests are encouraged to mix and mingle with the chefs as well as fellow foodies to sample specialty courses on the largest private island in the BVI. Of course, with a name like “Barefoot Gourmet,” it makes sense that the event is only steps away from the beach, where guests can also enjoy some of the prettiest coastal views in the world. We like to call it a match made in heaven.

Photo by Jordana Wright courtesy British Virgin Islands Tourism

Peter Island Caribbean Food & Wine Festival

When: Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th
Where: Peter Island Resort & Spa

The same weekend as the Barefoot Gourmet Soiree is the Peter Island Caribbean Food & Wine Festival. This event is one specifically for aspiring (and professional) chefs out there as it highlights local and international chefs as well as cooking techniques for a range of dishes. If you're interested, book in advance — and quickly. Peter Island is known for its exclusivity, and its award-winning resort purposely has less than 60 suites and villas available to visitors. If you'd prefer to save a few pennies and still enjoy the festival, we recommend staying on the nearby (and much larger) island of Tortola, where you can take the ferry over, sail across, book a power cat from one of the many tour operators, or charter a yacht to the island for the event.

Photo by Jordana Wright courtesy British Virgin Islands Tourism

Anegada Lobster Festival

When: Saturday, November 25th and Sunday, November 26th
Where: Anegada

Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner, we vote you take the party to the Caribbean and enjoy lobster at the Anegada Lobster Festival. Designed as a scavenger hunt, guests and visitors are encouraged to explore the picture-perfect island to sample all the best spiny lobster flavors and dishes. Pegged as the “Drowned Island,” Anegada is just 28 feet above sea level at its highest point, which means the seafood is plentiful and spiny lobster dishes particularly wonderful. Designed as a scavenger hunt, guests and visitors are encouraged to explore the picture-perfect island to sample all the best spiny lobster flavors and dishes. In between sampling the dishes, we recommend you explore the conch mounds and try your hand bonefishing to try another famous island dish or visit one of the many historical sites.

Photo by Jordana Wright courtesy British Virgin Islands Tourism

There's More to Come

We've only highlighted a few of the many weekend culinary events you can enjoy throughout the month of November. Rum festivals and bar crawls are also taking place during that time as well. You can find more island tastings and events listed on the BVI Food Fete’s official events and calendar website. Until then, we recommend you take advantage of the Endless Summer specials and begin planning how you want to tour the islands’ natural wonders in between your foodie extravaganza.