Photo Credit: Bruce Barrett

Yukon’s northern lights are awe-inspiring, mysterious, and unforgettable. These curtains of fluorescent green lights can dance across the northern horizon or stay fixed in position for hours. Whether viewing from a cozy cabin, wall tent, hot tub, or from the middle of a frozen lake, you are guaranteed to get a charge out of these Yukon lights.

Viewing the aurora borealis is only a 2.5-hour plane ride away from Vancouver or Calgary. Numerous Yukon tour operators package the aurora as part of a winter multi-experience tour or as a stand-alone adventure. If you prefer things intimate, book a remote cabin in the wilderness, stoke the fire, fix your beverage of choice, and gaze on your own schedule.

From August through to April, Yukon boasts some of the most predictable displays of northern lights in the world. Tour operators will whisk you away to their special viewing spots where the aurora comes to life. Enjoy dogsledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, or snowmobiling by day, and tune into the aurora at night. Any winter weekend package or extended stay is designed with ample opportunity for this one-of-a-kind aurora viewing experience.

Northern lights are a unique natural phenomenon of cosmic proportions. They are caused by magnetically charged particles, solar winds, magnetic fields, and a whole bunch of other scientific stuff. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree in astronomy to appreciate the sheer beauty and comfort through which you can enjoy them. It’s a truly memorable experience and activity fit for the whole family. Your guide can arrange it all and provide you with cozy accommodations and comfortable winter clothing; making the temperature more of a novelty than a concern.