Photo Credit: Blue Moon in Her Eyes

Two words: Crab Balls

Filled with tons of crab and less bread stuffing, these small crispy balls are a cross between a conch fritter and a crab cake. They are deep friend balls of crab that are drizzled with a sweet and spicy glaze. They are filled with carbs, not at all fat free and won’t be listed on any diet on the planet. They are sinful and delicious. They are stuff your seafood loving dreams are made of- they are crab balls in Virginia Beach.

During a three-day vacation to Virginia Beach, I tasted crab served every which way. I had crab legs, crab cakes, She crab soup, crab po’boy, shrimp stuffed with crab, lobster and crab chowder, and I even had a crab leg in my Bloody Mary.

On our last lunch in the city, I was starting to feel a bit over anything with crab in it. While each meal was absolutely delicious, I couldn’t fathom eating any more of it in such a short amount of time. That is when we met our server at Big Sam’s and she suggested crab balls. They are a must, she kept repeating. Not even knowing about our crab challenge, she refused our order of buffalo shrimp and made a point in telling us that the crab balls were unlike anything else in the restaurant. After that statement, we were persuaded and ordered a batch to split. After a few seconds of silence, I noticed that the balls were gone and my husband and I had eaten them all. They are that good!

Here’s a short restaurant guide for the best crab in Virginia Beach:

Big Sam’s: Located on Rudee Inlet, next to the Virginia Beach Fishing Center, Big Sam’s is a local hang out that is popular with tourists, too. Join for happy hour for cheap drinks and delicious food.

Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant and Crab House: With the perfect sunset location on the East Coast, Bubba’s offers a casual dining atmosphere with a great view. The crab cake sandwich and She Crab soup were pretty amazing.

Margie and Ray’s Seafood Restaurant: Once a tackle shop, this small restaurant is family run and offers home-style cooking of traditional seafood dishes.

Waterman’s Beachwood Grill: Also family owned, Waterman’s is located right off the boardwalk and offers sustainable seafood dishes that are served and prepared to impress. The fanciest of the restaurants, this establishment is easily the best spot for a night out.