One of the most common misconceptions about travel is that it is expensive. A vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. And with a trip to Philadelphia, you can see and save on plenty of exciting experiences throughout the city that are culturally rich and worth their weight in gold. Philadelphia’s colonial history celebrates the arts and culinary adventures with a multitude of itineraries designed to fit any budget.

And for as little as $50 a day, can you afford not to see one of America’s top cities?

Discover Philadelphia’s History

When you think of Philadelphia, the Revolutionary War probably comes to mind. If you’re a little foggy on your history lessons, it’s when a group of rebel rousers locked themselves in Independence Hall to hammer out what would be known as one of the world’s most important documents, the Declaration of Independence. It is one of the most important events in US history, and as a result, many of the Philadelphia attractions related to America’s Founding Fathers are for free for the public to explore.

Start your day by taking a stroll down Elfreth’s Alley, America’s oldest residential street, and experience what life was like during the 18th century. A few blocks north, Franklin Court is home to a printing press, America’s first post office, and the foundation of Benjamin Franklin’s house, which are all open to everyone and completely free. Best of all, visitors can experience Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Museum, two of Philadelphia’s treasures, without spending a dime.

Experience Philly Flavors

After you’ve worked up an appetite time traveling through Philadelphia’s past, there are a variety of local eats to satisfy any palate. Philadelphia is a multi-cultural community and as a result, has a diverse menu. Reading Terminal Market located at 12th and Arch Streets is a fantastic indoor market with roots going back to the 1600s that houses all of Philadelphia’s delicacies under one roof. In this culinary melting pot, visitors can experience lesser-known local dishes such as the oyster platter at Pearl’s Oyster Bar for $8.95, or indulge in Tommy DiNic’s infamous Roast Pork Sandwich -- juicy pork rubbed with Italian herbs that’s been roasted for five hours topped with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe – for less than $10!

If you’re in search of a real Philadelphia classic, Steve’s Prince of Steaks on 16th and Chestnut sells authentic Philly cheesesteaks for just $7.35. Not only is it among the most affordable of the signature sandwiches, it is also a favorite amongst locals.

Explore the Arts

Evenings are when the arts come to life in Philadelphia. On the first Friday of every month, galleries throughout the Old City district are free for the public as they debut new exhibits of local, cutting edge artists. Philadelphia is also home to America’s oldest art museum. Adult admission to the Philadelphia Art Museum, which houses important pieces by notables like Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet, is normally $20, but if you visit on the first Sunday of every month as well as every Wednesday after 5pm, it is “pay as you wish.”

Philadelphia is also home to America’s oldest theater - the Walnut Street Theatre. Though main stage productions tend to be pricey, visitors can still get a taste of the local arts at Studio 5; a 52-seat black box theater located on the 5th floor of the Walnut Street Theater where tickets can be as low as $15.

With all that Philadelphia has to offer, you’ll be more concerned with budgeting your time rather than how to stretch your paycheck.