Compared to other Canadian provinces, the Northwest Territories is substantially farther away from any major city. But ask any local and they'll tell you the drive to get there is more than worth it. Off-the-grid and remote, the Northwest Territories is a treasure trove for nature lovers, and one of its crown jewels is the Waterfall Route.

Located along Mackenzie Highway, the nearly 250-mile trail weaves through a number of territorial parks, showcasing some of the best waterfalls in Canada for epic hikes, snaps and travel memories.

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Get your Bearings

The Waterfalls Route features five prominent waterfalls in three different territorial parks across the Northwest Territories. To see the rush of water in all their glory, plan a trip in late spring when the snow just begins to melt (this is Northern Canada, after all). Let the roar of the falls be your guide as your navigate from Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park to Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park and finally to Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park. The road is easy to traverse and the parks are well marked, so you should have no trouble getting your bearings.

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Don’t Stay in the Car

Sure, it’s a road trip, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch from the window. Get out and explore! Think of the Waterfalls Route as a connect-the-dots treasure hunt; the waterfalls are what you tune your GPS to, but there’s plenty to discover in between. One example is the canyon surrounding Sambaa Deh Falls. Aside from a dizzying number of hiking trails and dozens of fishing opportunities, visitors who wander upstream will find a second, less visited, hidden rush of water known as Coral Falls.

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Go with the Flow

Pun intended, you shouldn’t feel confined to a schedule on this trip. Camping along the shores of Great Slave Lake is a great way to experience Twin Falls without breaking the bank. Avid outdoorsman will be tempted to spend several hours fishing in the streams near Coral Falls. The beauty of a road trip is the ability to make your own rules and embrace whatever comes your way.