Were you Team Dawson or Team Pacey? If you grew up a 90s child, it's hard to deny the cultural significance of the teen drama known as Dawson's Creek. While most of us have moved past the hang-ups of our favorite "will they or won't they" couples, some of us are still working through the emotional turmoil. For those still fan girling, the imaginary town of Capeside was actually filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, which offers plenty of spots for 90s nostalgia.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Milby via Flickr

Wrightsville Beach - North Carolina

Cue up the classic Paula Cole hit, "I Don't Want to Wait," on your boombox and hide behind the pier at Wrightsville Beach as you reenact the cheesy opening montage of your four favorite angsty teenagers. It's a gorgeous spot to spend an afternoon so pack a picnic and enjoy the sand.

Photo Credit: Melanie Cameron via Flickr

River Walk - Wilmington

What would Dawson's Creek be without the endless emotional proclamations? Many of the major storylines between Joey and Dawson, Jen and Dawson, Joey and Pacey, Pacey and his teacher, and endless other couplings occurred along this very River Walk. You'll likely find very little flair for the dramatic at this gorgeous backdrop, but it's worth the visit to relive your childhood.

Photo Credit: Mark Lee via Flickr

Thalian Hall - Wilmington

Called the Rialto in the show, Thalian Hall holds a certain fondness in every Dawson's Creek fan's heart. The spot of Dawson and Joey's first date (crashed by Jen Lindley), Grams' first date with Jen's grandfather, and where Dawson embraced his love of movies, Thalian Hall is a historic theatre and key architectural element of city hall.

Photo Credit: Brian Moran via Flickr

The Ruins - Airlie Gardens, Wilmington

Although it looks like it's been plucked right out of fairytale, the gardens that Dawson and Jen trespassed in truly exist. But, let's not forget the awkward and illicit relationship between Pacey and Ms. Jacobs which unfolded here. For any Dawson's Creek fan, this is a must-see that, thankfully, you can visit the public gardens anytime — and legally.