One of the hardest parts of traveling the world is leaving our furry friends behind. Sure, dogs can provide companionship on some adventures, but cats rarely fare well on the road. Fortunately, travelers can get their feline fix at cat cafes across North America. A novel Japanese concept that has finally made its way West, cat cafes are the purr-fect place for animal lovers to enjoy a caffeine-fueled cuddle session with some adorable kittens. If a special four-legged critter captures your heart, you’re in luck—many cat cafes sponsor adoption programs, so you can bring your new furry friend home. Here are a few of our favorite cat cafes in North America.

Cats get the royal treatment at Le Cafe des Chats in Montreal. Photo Credit: Peter MacMurchy vis Flickr

Le Café des Chats - Montreal

The slogan “Le chat est Roi!” (“The cat is king!”) gives clue as to who rules Le Café des Chats, the first cat cafe to open in North America. Eight rescued cats tuck in and out of small nooks, birdwatch on a window perch, and keep laps warm as travelers enjoy espresso and pastries at this cozy, brick-walled cafe in Montreal.

Cats have plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in at Vancouver's Catfe. Photo Credit: GoToVan via Flickr

Catfe - Vancouver

There are always new furry friends to make at Vancouver’s Catfe, which has teamed up with the British Columbia SPCA to house 12 rescue cats in a community-oriented coffee house. As the cats are adopted by customers, BC SPCA steps in to replenish the supply with a new batch of playful kitties, eager for petting and playtime.

Get to know intelligent and beautiful Siberian cats at the Siberian Cat Cafe in Quebec. Photo Credit: Chris Frank via Flickr

Siberian Cat Café - Chelsea, Quebec

With seven beautiful, affectionate Siberian cats in residence, the Siberian Cat Cafe, just northwest of Ottawa, has found a way to include everyone in its little slice of pet paradise. Furballs scale whimsical Dr. Suess-like structures in the Salon, while allergy sufferers cuddle with Kristoff, Carolina, Klariss, and the rest of the hypoallergenic gang sans symptoms. If you’re traveling with someone who isn’t so keen on their coffee with a side of fur, feel free to grab a table at the on-site bistro, which is for two-legged friends only.

Cats at KitTea in San Francisco are looking for forever homes. Photo Credit: duluoz cats via Flickr

KitTea - San Francisco

On a mission to help rescued cats find their forever home, KitTea houses up to 20 adoptable cats from the local animal rescue, Wonder Cat. Settle in to the sleek and airy cafe and wait for a feline to make your acquaintance. KitTea invites cat lovers to court the cuties over tea, happy hour, “Mewvie Night,” and other community events.

Try cat yoga at Meow Parlour in New York City. Photo Credit: Nuno Cardoso via Flickr

Meow Parlour - New York City

Meow Parlour, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, takes the cat cafe to the next level by offering Yoga & Kitties. The class includes playtime with the cats, 45-minutes of vinyasa flow, and a 15-minute cool down as the felines strut about. Meow Parlour also has the more traditional cat cafe experience, where you can munch on cat-shaped cookies while making a few feline friends. So much for downward dog.

Snuggle up with cute cats at Crumbs and Whiskers in New York City. Photo Credit: Mike Myers via Flickr

Crumbs and Whiskers - Washington, DC

Crumbs and Whiskers in Washington, DC looks like a dream house for kitties — there are lounges filled with kitten-shaped pillows, snarky cat art (“Just remember: cats are better than people”) and high-contrast photos of felines. Cats are sprawled about with more playthings than they know what to do with, but the people are kept content and well-fed, as well, as Crumbs and Whiskers works with a nearby cafe to offer coffee and macarons to customers.

Photo Credit: Helgi Halldórsson via Flickr

Seattle Meowtropolitan - Seattle

It’s not hard to find great coffee in Seattle, but java with a side of cats can only be found at Seattle Meowtropolitan. The coffee house features a mix of permanent residents and adoptable cats from partner shelter Regional Animal Services of King County. As for puns, Seattle Meowtroplitan has no shame: the menu consists of catty choices like Catpuccino and Meowca. Once the residents start nuzzling up to you and the purrs are flowing, it's easy to overlook the cheese factor.

La Gatería is heaven for cats and their fans. Photo Credit: TJ DeGroat via Flickr

La Gatería - Mexico City

Mexico City cat cafe La Gatería provides a cozy environment for both their two-legged and four-legged guests. Cats enjoy floor-to-ceiling scratching posts, tons of toys, and an overhead climbing area, while human companions can tuck into vegetarian snacks, strong coffee, and the novelty of being surrounded by these lovely creatures. Find a feline friend and get ready for a snuggle session on the comfy vintage furniture.