Long known as a conflict zone, Lebanon can make for an adventurous holiday destination as long as you stay abreast of local security issues. The country is steeped in centuries of complex and intriguing history and culture, evidenced by the plethora of ruins and museums to tell the tale, the site of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and nature reserves; all while also home to a people so hospitable and welcoming that travelers will not want to leave.

Lebanon is a beautiful country and diverse enough to make for a varied experience. With mountains, nature reserves and coastal areas, it has enough to offer even the most hardened of travelers. While many areas are off limits due to the political situation, the area is destined to become an attractive and off-the-beaten path vacation spot once the security improves.

Lebanon’s varied geographical environment offers travelers a host of exciting and breathtaking activities focused on the outdoors. With outings skiing and hiking in the beautiful Lebanese mountain ranges and scuba diving off the country’s stunning shores, there is no way to be bored.

The sites are just as enticing, with many in magical natural environments. The Pigeon Rocks, formations jutting out of the Mediterranean, are an absolute must-see, as are the eerie Jeita Caverns. From world-class museums to ancient ruins, you're sure to learn a great deal of history along the way.

There is a wide range of accommodation, moreso in the large cities like Beirut. Everything from budget backpacker lodges to luxury resorts can be found to satisfy every visitor's need and price level. The cuisine in Lebanon is exciting, but mild enough to attract sensitive palates. Many international dining options are available in the big cities although this luxury tends to dissipate the more remote you get.

The best way to navigate the country is by shared taxi, which have fixed routes but no set prices. Car rental is available, but tends to be expensive because of the high cost of vehicles and rising fuel prices. There are no train services, but the bus network is extensive and reliable. It is possible to navigate most regions by bicycle although cyclists should be aware that conditions in most cities are rather dangerous.


  • Hike and trek through the country’s stunning mountain ranges
  • Take in local history and culture at the Khalil Gibran Museum
  • Browse for souvenirs in the colorful and aromatic souks
  • Explore the many caves in the Jeita Cavern complex
  • Enjoy wine tastings at Lebanon’s award-winning wineries
  • Appreciate the vast natural beauty of the Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve