Lebanon offers its guests a wide variety of things to do, ranging from outdoor adventures to culture and relaxation. The country’s diverse natural environment makes for wonderful outdoor escapes. Whether it’s skiing during winter, hiking or exploring the country’s oceans in summer, there's something to fill every adrenaline-seeker’s itinerary.

On the tamer side, travelers should make time to browse the local markets. A host of goods at extremely reasonable prices can be found at these souks. If all else fails, visitors can head to one of the many award-winning wine farms where up-and-coming labels can be sampled.

During winter, most of Lebanon’s mountainous areas become frozen over with snow. For most travelers, this is a reason to avoid the country, but for winter sports enthusiasts, the skiing couldn't be better. The country offers a plethora of resorts and a range of slopes with varying difficulty levels. Some of the best include The Cedars and Faraya Ski Resort, which both offer great accommodation and training facilities for first-timers.

During the summer, the mountains prove to be the perfect backdrop for hiking and trekking. The most popular route for advance hikers is the Lebanon Mountain Trail, which stretches all the way from Al Qibaiyat to Marjaayoun. Most companies recommend going with a guide as it can be challenging and trips can be arranged through Discover Lebanon.

Why not take advantage of Lebanon’s unique geography, sandwiched between the Red and Arabian seas, and go scuba diving? Some of the best dive spots are located near Tyre, the famous ancient city that is home to the country’s finest ruins. Many companies can arrange scuba trips, including the reputable Calypso Dive Center in Beirut.

If discovering the depths of the ocean doesn’t tickle your fancy, realaxing on the beach might. Beirut’s 140-mile long coastline has sandy spots to satisfy every need. There are also several beach clubs, like the Riviera Beach Lounge which offers visitors pools, restaurants, cafés, and sun loungers.

There really is nothing like good old retail therapy at the local souks. These markets can be found in almost every town across the country, but are particularly charming in old Beirut. Eat delicious homemade produce from the morning food stalls or wait for the afternoon when the markets are filled with souvenirs like cothes and jewelry.

After a long day of shopping, there's nothing better than taking part in a wine-tasting at one of the country’s many wine farms. The Lebanese wine industry is on the rise and many have won awards in the international sphere. Popular excursions include Chateau Musar in Ghazir and Chateau Nakad.