Lebanon is famous for it’s souks, or local markets, which are found in every corner of the country and a great place to find goods and souvenirs. Souks are also where the biggest bargains can be found. There is a culture of haggling and vendors drive a hard bargain, but travelers should keep in mind that most are not being malicious and should negotiate respectfully.

There are certain locally-made items which simply cannot be missed, most of an extremely high quality and which would sell for much higher anywhere else in the world. The vendors are typically the artisans themselves, which creates an informative and fun shopping trip. Travelers can find everything from cutlery and handmade glassware to hand-woven materials like silk scarves and woolen kaftans. If it’s a standout souvenir you’re looking for, there are always the traditional Lebanese swords.

For something more refined, and possibly even air conditioned, head to downtown Beirut where new indoor souks and luxury malls are being developed to showcase designer brands and exclusive boutiques. Another trendy area in Lebanon which specializes in niche clothing and jewelry is Saifi Village. Many contemporary artists and designers have opened up shops and galleries here. Visitors are able to purchase one-of-a-kind items right off the rack, but are sure to feel the impact on their pocketbook.