Where should we travel next? It’s my favorite game to play with my husband. He loves it too. There are no winners or losers, just ideas, just potential adventures, retreats or an opportunity to escape the daily toils of our life. Do we want to bask in warm weather? Rekindle the romance? Let loose? Now that we are young parents, there is always a caveat to our game. Are we ditching the kids for some alone time or are we a united front, looking for something special for us all to experience together. Most of the time our kids join us and for that reason, we are always looking for something that would make everyone in our unit happy.

Prior to having our children, my husband and I were avid travelers. It was a big part of our identity. Now that our kids are no longer babies, we have decided to expand their horizons and introduce them to other cultures and new experiences. I always felt Costa Rica would be a great place to begin our kid’s travel adventures (it was, after all, where my husband and I met).

Costa Rica has a wealth of activities and something for everyone. Due to busy school calendars and hectic work schedules, we were limited to the number of places we could visit. We wanted a place that had a lot of various activating to offer and ended up choosing the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs.

Tucked away an hour and a half outside of Liberia, nestled neatly on the north side of Rincon de la Vieja volcano, is the Blue River Resort. There are forests to explore, waterfalls to stumble upon, rivers to raft, horses to ride, soothing hot springs to lounge in. It’s a slice of heaven for all.

The children soared through the air on zip-lines, rode a horses for the first time, hiked to a waterfall, soaked in the hot springs and watched the butterflies hover around us. With a cool and confident ease, the staff at the Blue River Resort arranged our excursions, assembled expert guides to see us through each activity and helped us plan our days so we maximized every opportunity.

As a parent, I wanted my kids to enjoy myself but I’m not devoid of any selfish feelings. I wanted to have plenty of grown-up fun too. There was a lovely restaurant with delicious food. The spa hit the spot after a long arduous hike. Quiet spaces all over the property to rest and take in the views.

We had a fantastic time and I highly recommend this resort for like minded. I continue to play the “Where should we travel next?” game. I love it. My kids now contribute their ideas too. The next trip they want that same sort of activities. They scoff at Disney World. They want the real deal.