Newsflash: February is the perfect month to visit the Caribbean. For one thing, it's the dry season, so you can tuck away your rain boots, puffy vests and down jackets. A bikini, flip flops, hat, and sunscreen is all you need for a warm-weathered weekend. With an average water temperature of 79 degrees, the water will be hotter than your house with the heater on. But don't let the temperature and endless sunshine be the only motivation to plan a Caribbean getaway -- we have a few more reasons to pack the bags and jetset south.

Photo by @formertrigod on Instagram

1. To Swim with Giant Sea Turtles

Just south of Cuba, the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands are perfect for snorkelers and divers looking to get an up close and personal with the local sea life.

2. To Sunbathe on the Whitest Sand in the World

Antigua, we love you. Besides the incredibly white sand beaches, the island is also one of the sailing capitols of the world. Visit during April or May to see hundreds of yachts and boats docked around the island.

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3. Because Museums Require Bathing Suits.

Over 700 islands make up the Bahamas, and each one known for something special and unique like this underwater museum. If you're into that sort of thing, here are a few more incredible underwater worlds to check out.

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4. You'll Be the Only Human On Your Hike.

The southernmost Caribbean island, Trinidad is known for epic backcountry hikes where howler monkeys, deer, iguana, and Leatherback turtles come out to play.

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5. To Act Like a Kid Again.

Rope swings bring us back to a time when summer meant school's out and the real fun can begin. The third largest Caribbean island, Jamaica is ideal for an early spring, late fall or winter visit.

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6. To Chase Waterfalls.

An under-the-radar spot in Puerto Rico you may have all to yourself - pack a picnic and soak up the awesomeness. You don't even need your passport to fly here!

7. Because Swings Aren't Just for Playgrounds.

One of the most popular photo opps in the Caribbean, this swing in Negril, Jamaica is a must snap for Instagram loving vacationers.

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8. To Reenact Scenes from The Goonies

While Exuma in the Bahamas is best known for it's swimming pigs, don't miss out on snorkeling in the secret caves, as well.