All visitors to America need to get their visa process completed before arrival in the United States. To find out the visa specifics for your nation you should contact your nearest American embassy concerning current visa requirements or browse online at the US government’s visa website for more useful and current information. Citizen’s of EU member states usually get granted a visa on arrival but still have to complete and online ESTA first.

Health and Safety

Visitors to Ohio have few health concerns to worry about other than natural things like winter weather and poison ivy in the woods. Winters here can be very harsh with sleet and ice storms turning the roads into skating rinks. Driving in Ohio in the winter should not be taken lightly, so always drive prepared for the worst with warm clothing and a cell phone. Even walking down the sidewalk can prove dangerous after an ice storm, so always use caution during the winter months.

As far as personal safety is concerned, Ohio does have a problem with violent crime but it’s limited to a handful of places. Toledo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati all frequently rank in the top 20 for violent crimes in the US. Luckily this danger is largely confined to specific neighborhoods where tourists have no good reason to visit. Still, it pays to be extra vigilant when traveling around Ohio’s larger cities especially after dark. The rest of the state is very safe, and the residents very friendly, so don’t let a few negative statistics deter you from traveling around the state.