Ohio Taxis and Car Rental

Ohio’s central location in the upper Midwest means that no less than seven major US interstates run through the state along with a web of smaller highways and rural roads. Driving is by far the main form of transportation here, so it’s highly recommended that visitors rent a car to get around Ohio is they plan to do any traveling. Major car rental companies are readily available at all of Ohio’s airports and in most major cities. Roads in the state are well signed, generally flat, and in good condition. As a bonus, the driving here is typically very scenic.

In Ohio’s major cities there is good taxi service to help move around the urban area and its suburbs. Most taxi companies only operate on a call-in level, so carry a couple of phone numbers with you when you need a taxi. In Cincinnati Yellow Cab (+1-513-821-8294) is a good choice, while Cleveland has Ace Taxi (+1-216-361-8700). Cabs use meters to determine the fares, which are very reasonable.

Ohio Trains and Buses

Amtrak operates three different train lines through Ohio at least three times each week. The train is a fun, scenic way to reach Ohio’s major cities but isn’t much use to travel within the state. The seats on Amtrak are very nice, though keep in mind these are not high-speed trains. The Cardinal line runs between Chicago and New York City, stopping in Cincinnati. The LakeShore Limited runs between Chicago and New York City or Boston, stopping in Cleveland. The Capitol Limited runs between Chicago and Washington, DC with a stop in Cleveland.

The Greyhound bus line is the most flexible way to travel within Ohio. Its buses run to more than 25 of the state’s towns, and fares are very affordable. While the buses themselves are nothing to crow about, they are comfortable enough for a quick trip. Ohio’s big cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus all have public transport systems that are useful on a limited level for travel within the downtown core. Cleveland has a light rail and bus, while Cincinnati and Columbus only have bus systems.