Travel visas are required for all people entering the United States, except Canadian citizens who can cross borders into North Dakota with their Canadian driving license. Check with your closest US embassy to learn more about the travel visa requirements for your nationality, or look online at the US government’s visa website for useful information.

Health and Safety

The main health concerns in North Dakota revolve around nature and the weather. Whenever venturing outdoors for recreation, go prepared with water, food, and proper clothing depending on the season. Medical services tend to be far from the state parks. Winters can be extremely cold, with dangerous driving conditions when a snowstorm rolls in. Drivers should also be very alert for wildlife like deer crossing the roads, especially at night. During hunting season always wear bright orange clothing to alert hunters of your presence when hiking in the wilderness.

There is so little crime in North Dakota that you may not even need to think about it. Only in the largest cities like Fargo and Bismarck is there a slight chance of petty crime like theft, usually from valuables that are left in cars overnight. The recent oil boom has also increased minor crimes in towns like Williston and Dickinson, so be more careful with your valuables in these frontier areas.