North Dakota Taxis and Car Rental

Without a car you might find that your trip to North Dakota quickly turns a bit dull and lonely. Even within a single city like Fargo or Bismarck you’ll find that a car is extremely convenient to get between your hotel and restaurants, shopping, and attractions. Interstate 94 runs straight across the state from east to west, passing through Bismarck, Medora, and Fargo. It’s very easy to drive around North Dakota thanks to flat wide open roads and virtually no traffic. Beautiful natural scenery is just a bonus of driving around this state. Travelers will find several major car hire companies right at the state’s airports or located within the downtown centers of larger towns.

Taxis are only found in the biggest cities like Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Forks. They use a meter to determine fares, which are very reasonable for short trips around these small cities. Taxis do not drive around on the street, so you need to call in for a pick up whenever needed. In Bismarck Taxi9000 (+1-701-223-9000) is one of the few listed companies, while Fargo has a few options including Lucky 7 Taxi (+1-701-235-1717).

North Dakota Trains and Buses

If you have the time to spare, traveling to North Dakota by train is an amazing experience. Amtrak’s beautifully scenic Empire Builder line passes through six cities in the state on its way between Seattle and Chicago. This train route stops in Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Fargo, Rugby, Minot, Williston, and Stanley. The seats on the train are very comfortable, and services include a dining car, lounge car, and scenic car. The fares on Amtrak are comparable to regional air flights.

Budget travelers will find the bus a good option to move between major towns in North Dakota. The nationwide Greyhound bus line travels mainly along the Interstate 94 corridor west to east. Jefferson Bus Line has a route that runs north to south along Interstate 29, while New Town Bus Line runs along the back roads to several smaller towns in the southern part of the state. Bus fares are very cheap, and the seats comfortable enough for a short journey.