All visitors to the US must have their visas approved before arriving in the country. To find out what is required, you can check your local US embassy regarding current requirements or online at the US government’s visa website.

Health and Safety

Other than catching a cold during the dreary winter season there is little to worry about in terms of health when visiting New Hampshire. The residents live healthy, hearty lives, eating good local food and drinking fresh, clean water. If you venture into the woods, however, there are a few things to consider. The thick hardwood forests are often home to deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease which can be deadly. Always check your hair and body after a long walk just to be safe. Poison ivy is not dangerous, but you may develop an annoying, itchy rash if it touches exposed skin. Learn what it looks like and avoid it at all costs or you’ll be uncomfortable for the rest of your stay.

Crime really isn’t an issue in New Hampshire. There’s always the potential for theft if you are casual enough to leave valuables in plain sight or in a parked car, but in general you can walk around town at night without concern and venture into the wilderness without fear of being abducted. Just use your common sense.