New Hampshire Taxis and Car Rental

In this part of New England there is often no transportation other than driving your own car. Most visitors find that a rental car provides an excellent return on the investment, allowing them to reach quiet rural villages, natural attractions and recreation areas you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. The roads in New Hampshire are extremely scenic, which is just one more reason why driving is a good idea, just be careful of wildlife crossing in the rural areas. They are a real danger, especially after dark. Rental cars are readily available at the airports and in the larger towns like Portsmouth, Manchester and Concord. Be sure to book your vehicle early for a visit in the fall, as this is the prime season for driving through New Hampshire.

Taxis can be found in the tourist towns of Portsmouth, Hanover and Exeter. They are useful for traveling short distances and use a meter to determine the fare. In general cabs are reasonable, but you’ll likely need to call in advance for a pick-up. Keep a couple of taxi numbers on hand from reliable companies such as Blue Star Taxi (+1-603-436-2774) in Portsmouth and Concord Cab (+1-603-225-4222) in the capital.

New Hampshire Trains and Buses

There are very limited train services in New Hampshire, but it is possible to reach a handful of towns using the Amtrak network. The Vermonter line runs daily from Washington, DC to Vermont, stopping at the town of Claremont, while the Downeaster line between Boston and Portland, Maine several times a day with stops at Exeter, Durham and Dover in New Hampshire. Amtrak trains are scenic, but notoriously slow and prone to delays. The fares are more expensive than the bus, but often cheaper than a flight.

The Greyhound bus is the most flexible and affordable way to get into New Hampshire, but to move between towns it is better to take the Concord Coach or Vermont Transit Lines. Buses are cheap and more than comfortable for the short journeys within New Hampshire.