All travelers to America must have their visas approved before arriving in the country. To find out what is required you can check with your local US embassy or online at the US government’s website for more information. EU member states are automatically granted visas subject to an ESTA pre-arrival security check completed online.

Health and Safety

There are no major health concerns in Nevada, though it’s advised every visitor have vaccinations for hepatitis A and B. The desert environment can be very harsh at certain times of year. Summers are brutally hot and dry while winters are shockingly cold and dry. Whenever venturing out into the wilderness be well-prepared for the weather and bring lots of water to stay hydrated (this also goes for a long night out on the Strip).

Outside of Las Vegas there is very little crime in Nevada. Aptly named Sin City is a rather seedy place with lots of desperate residents when you get right down to it. Along the Strip and other heavily populated tourist areas you should keep an eye on your belongings and your cash, especially late at night. Venturing down a dark alley behind a casino can invite muggings or worse. There are also parts of North Las Vegas that should be avoided at night, but it’s unlikely any tourist would need to go into those areas. Use common sense when gambling and going out and always set a budget that you are comfortable with. It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour, but spending beyond your means can invariably ruin a trip.