The only city in Nevada with any significant shopping is Las Vegas. But rest assured, the Strip has enough obtuse consumerism to cover the entire state over. Most of the shops are luxury brands such as Tiffany, Prada, Armani, and nearly every other fashion legend from around the globe which tend to be clustered in neat little malls within the high-end casino resorts. Whether you have the budget for some serious retail therapy or not, they are always a blast to window-shop.

Outside of Vegas the shopping will either be western-themed souvenirs in towns like Elko and Ely, or practical everyday goods for the locals. There are a few pockets of artistry in Nevada, typically found in the more touristy-focused places like Elko. Stroll the main streets and you’ll find a handful of independent boutiques selling local artwork and crafts of all kinds.

Las Vegas Casino Shopping Arcades

Some of the most interesting and impressive shopping arcades in Nevada are found at the Forum Shops inside Caesar’s Palace with its Romanesque décor and long line of exclusive retailers. Via Bellagio inside the Bellagio may not be as big as some of the other casinos’ but it trumps them in quality. You definitely won't find the Gap, J. Crew or everyday wear here, it's strictly glitz and glam.

The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian are another must-see Nevada shopping marvel. It feels like you are strolling the canals of Venice inside a Renaissance-era Italian village. These stores have a larger range and include a few affordable retailers like Anne Taylor and Banana Republic. But it’s the atmosphere that really makes the Venetian a winner. In general, the cheaper the resort, the more accessible the shops. In casinos like Bally’s, the Riviera and the Monte Carlo, the shops lean towards affordable souvenirs, t-shirts and Vegas knickknacks. Most of the casino shops keep late hours, often staying opening until 11 pm or midnight (which can be dangerous for your pocketbook when the alcohol starts flowing).