Nevada Taxis and Car Rental

If you don’t plan to leave the Las Vegas Strip then you can easily get around using taxis and local transportation. But exploring other parts of Sin City or the surrounding natural attractions will require a car. This extremely under populated remote state simply does not have any other means of getting between cities. Fortunately, this reality is well understood. There are plenty of rental car companies to choose from, both at the airport and downtown. Nearly everyone arrives in Las Vegas, and the car rental firms at the airport keep a deep stock of cars.

Moving around the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas is fairly quick and easy without a set of wheels. You can walk virtually everywhere (depending on how high your heels are), or use the monorail that connects the top casinos. Failing that, it’s never hard to find a taxi along the Vegas Strip. Companies like Desert Cab (+1-702-386-9102) park in front of the hotels and cruise the Strip looking for fares. Be warned though, it is a pricey ride and traffic is generally horrible, but the distance between destinations is never far. Reno also has good taxi service from firms like Yellow Cab (+1-775-355-5555).

Nevada Trains and Buses

The only Amtrak service to Nevada is on the California Zephyr line that runs between Chicago and San Francisco. This train stops at Reno’s downtown station, offering a leisurely but scenic way to reach the northern part of the state. From Reno it’s easy to rent a car and continue your journey around Nevada. Amtrak fares are comparable to domestic flights, though the best deals are often into the main airport at Las Vegas. Seats are comfortable and the California Zephyr line is one America’s most popular routes.

The most flexible and affordable transportation is available on the Greyhound buses. They converge in Las Vegas, Reno and a handful of other large towns in Nevada from destinations all over the US. Greyhound buses are very slow and the seats are not particularly comfortable for long journeys.

Within the Las Vegas Strip are several convenient forms of public transportation. The monorail covers a four-mile route that stops at a few places near major casinos and the convention center. CAT buses run 24 hours and are very affordable. They can get a bit crowded on The Strip at peak hours, but the bus is a useful way to get from one end to the other.